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Karin Sobun
Dokusan Building

The Santa Cruz Zen Center Board of Trustees has approved a capital fundraising campaign to renovate their temple dokusan building and dedicate it to Karin Sobun Katherine Thanas Roshi.

SCZC President Edie Brown wrote, "Dokusan is traditionally a time for Zen teachers and students to engage in deep questions related to Zen practice in daily life. I can't think of a better way to honor Katherine than to renovate the dokusan room where these important exchanges occur."

If you would like to donate to the renovation effort, please click to contact SCZC.

Dokusan Room


Tey Roberts

A selection of books from Katherine Thanas Roshi's personal library have been delivered to the Monterey Bay Zen Center. Eugene Bush Sensei and Santa Cruz Zen Center facilitated the bequest on behalf of Roshi's estate and thanks to the efforts of the library committee, the books were transported, sorted and catalogued and are now available. Monterey Bay Zen Center extends its gratitude to Gene and the Santa Cruz Sangha.

There are nearly 200 'new' books added to Tey Roberts' seed collection. A few will be cycled into the existing library at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel. An additional number of books were chosen to be received by Katherine's senior MBZC students and are in distribution. Phyllis Conlan, Sara Hunsaker, Susan McDonald and June Poe serve on the Library Committee.


All the books were collected over many years by Tey Roberts and Katherine Roshi independently, reflecting their shared wide-ranging, inquiring minds. Katherine Thanas Roshi received the original gift on behalf of the center in a special ceremony in early March of 2012 from local poet Elliot Roberts in memory of his wife. Tey was devoted to practice and to MBZC, serving as Ino and as a founding member of the board of directors.


The library is open during Zendo events at the Center. Duplicate books (Zen/Buddhist) will be offered for sale in a benefit for the MBZC Library Fund in the future.

News Updates

TRIP TO NEPAL - Patricia Wolff is traveling with a group of health care providers to set up mobile village clinics in a very remote region in northwest Nepal. This trip is led by Genye Tempa Dukte Lama, a native of the village of Torpa. He will support the group throughout with daily teachings and medita- tion practices on wisdom and compassion in action from the Bon spiritual teachings of Sherab Jamma, the female Buddha of wisdom and love. This trip is being sponsored by MBZC.

CHICKEN COOP ZENDO - A new sitting group has formed in Jamesburg, meeting at 5:30pm on Thursday evenings in the "Chicken Coop Zendo", behind the Tassajara Jamesburg House. For more information please call Phyllis 831-659-2365.

ART WANTED for fund raising card - Every fall we send out a card to friends of Monterey Bay Zen Center with an image that reflects MBZC. We are encouraging artists to participate in this process. If you would like to participate in this gift of your art to benefit the community, please contact June Poe at juneipoe@gmail.com, with ideas and work that can be considered for our Fall card.

MBZC JOINS IOC ADVISORY COUNCIL -In September 2013, MBZC accepted an invitation to join the IOC (Interfaith Outreach of Carmel) advisory council as a sponsoring faith community. IOC is an organization of faith communities dedicated to extending a helping hand of service. The mission is to address housing needs in Monterey County. In 2010, IOC operates the Joining Hands Benefit Shop at 26358 Carmel Rancho Lane in Carmel. With the help of donors, shoppers and volunteers at the shop, IOC has provided $176,000 in grants.


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