End of Year 2016
Report from the MBZC President

As President of the Monterey Bay Zen Center Board I like to provide a recap of the year. The annual winter sesshin was extended an additional day, which provides both a more flexible practice opportunity like day-only participation and a more intensive practice for those who commit to the full four-day event.

Brown Bag Zen continues to meet at St. James Church. This less formal sitting group introduces a wider community to Zen meditation. Multiple opportunities for zazen meditation are available in Carmel Valley, with Carmel Valley Zendo, Sara Hunsaker; Chicken Coop Zendo with Phyllis Conlan, and Mountains and Rivers with Patricia Wolff. Ordinary Recovery, one of the first additions to our regular schedule, continues to meet community needs and is led by Robert Reese.

This year the board chose to provide some support for the prison outreach that Shogen Danielson offers. He also leads “Fearless Fathers,” which looks at fatherhood through the lens of Zen practice. And, of course, we celebrated sangha (community) with the Under One Roof party and Breakfast with Poetry. [Please see the back calendar page for events details.]

If you have ideas or want to know how you can help with Sangha practice and building of community, please feel free to contact me at mbzc.pres@prodigy.net. As always, the most important contribution is to just show up. I look forward to practicing with you in the coming year.

-- Jana Clark, President
Monterey Bay Zen Center
Board of Directors


Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors
Monterey Bay Zen Center Incorporated

Jana Clark, President
Dina Stansbury, Secretary
Diane Wells, Treasurer

Sara Hunsaker
Susan McDonald
Clara Nieto
Susan Nine
Mark Orrisch
June Poe
Robert Reese
Guy Riina
Kathy Whilden
Diane Wells
Patricia Wolff



Kathy Whilden - coordinating teacher, Brown Bag Zen, Morning Zazen

Susan McDonald - INO